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Visiting Otranto in one day may seem an impossible task given the large number of historical monuments and beaches, but with the help of our advice you won’t waste precious time.
Here are the 4 things that you absolutely can not miss to visit and do on your day in Otranto.


The Castle of Otranto: imposing and majestic as never before

The castle of Otranto is a masterpiece of architecture, by the famous Roberto il Guiscardo: beautiful, solid and resistant to time.
In 1088 there was the terrible and famous earthquake of Nardò, which partially destroyed him, but Frederick II had him partially rebuilt. In 1480 the Ottoman Perfides destroyed the city walls and almost completely the castle, which was later rebuilt by Charles V, who built the watchtowers to defend the coast in 1537.
The coat of arms of the Aragonese family, stands above the stack.
Missed by Napoleonic troops and then used as a prison, school and dwelling, during our days, at the end of the 80’s, there was an urgent need to establish an in-depth restoration plan.
In 1986, through the project “Le Mura di Otranto”, 26 billion of old lire were invested. to recover its fortifications and reorganize all the cultural activities to be rotated “around” the castle.
During excavations and maintenance work on the moat, two medieval plants and a tomb were found, which are still being studied by archaeologists. Nowadays, some rooms of the castle are used as conference halls and others as exhibition rooms.
We remember the most recent and renowned exhibitions: Ando Warhol in Otranto, Dalì in Otranto and the recent exhibition by Steve Mc Curry.

The Cathedral of Otranto: SS. Maria Annunziata and the SS. Martyrs of Otranto

We have already talked a lot about the Cathedral of Otranto through our mini-guide.
For those who don’t have much time at their disposal, we suggest to dwell on the mosaic flooring, a UNESCO and Humanity heritage site.
The mosaic, through the representation of the tree of life (or Sephyrotic tree), faithfully portrays the most significant passages of the Bible and the most important figures for the Christian faith.
The two keys to the tree’s interpretation faithfully represent the relationship between the divine and the human, between the transcendent and the immanent.
Thus you will admire the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, the universal flood, the tower of Babel.
You will travel through time, through the seasons, the cycles of nature and man’s work: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
You will have to deal with the mythological and biblical giants: one in all, Samson fighting against a hungry lion.

Lido Acquchiara: sea and relaxation have never been so close

After visiting Otranto and getting lost in the enchanting alleys and shops of local handicrafts, we recommend you to refresh yourself in the blue and crystal clear waters of the Alimini Lakes, stopping by beach umbrella and sunbed at the Lido Acquachiara.
The Lido has been renovated this year, the bar counter has been expanded and extended. The cash desk, together with the tobacconist’s and newsstand, was located at the entrance.
The outdoor area and the space in front of the tables has been enlarged and the comfortable cushions in the living area have been rearranged.
The services offered range from simple hot meals to truly exceptional fish dishes.
The staff is courteous, here young couples and families with children find the ideal habitat to relax and enjoy the coolness of the blue Adriatic Sea.
We recommend that you book in good time.

Restaurant Diavolicchio Goloso to taste the flavours of the land and sea of Salento

The Diavolicchio Goloso is an agritourism restaurant outside of every scheme.
Elegant, shabby-chic, total white, surrounded by the green of the lawn and the red of the Salento land.
The place is unique: the staff is really courteous, Paolo and his daughter Simona work really well: they welcome customers with courtesy and kindness and know the raw materials and ingredients of the land and sea of Salento.
The taste enclosed in the dishes is incredible: the typical Salento taste is an ensemble of flavors difficult to tell.
On the walls, important works of modern art. We recommend that you book your reservation in order not to stay dry.

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