Discover Salento

Salento is a land of sun, sea, and wind. A land of nature, a magnificent place where local people’s hospitality blends in with a conscious tourism and respectful of traditions.

Who wants Salento, wants to live a dream: giant olive trees, from the great twisted trunks that tell of distant epochs, which do not exist any longer.

Huge masserie and pajare, that once housed peasants, factors and agricultural tools, today have a new life and a new splendor. They are structures of great charm that welcome a tourism that is rich, curious and never bored.
The sea. The Ionian and the Adriatic that meet and embrace at Ristola tip, a symbolic place of Santa Maria di Leuca. And you can see this embrace with bare eyes and you can feel it with the heart.

The incredibly long and spacious Lidi from the Maldives of Salento, up to Porto Cesareo with Punta Prosciutto, passing through the splendid Gallipoli with its fish market and its monuments.
From the Ionian Sea you move toward the Adriatic, passing through Galatina and Maglie, up to Otranto where the elements of the landscape follow one after the other: white houses overlooking the sea, a pavement that tells of centuries of history, the fight against the Ottomans and martyrdom. A tale told in the beautiful Otranto Cathedral, a World Heritage Site for its mosaic floor that tells a beautiful love story between God and his most beautiful creature: the Man.

Otranto is not only culture and art, but it is also the sea. With its rocks and its sandy shores of the Alimini, caressed by the Adriatic sea.

Before leaving, we recommend visiting Specchia, one of the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy and the nearby Presicce … and you cannot miss visiting Lecce, the capital of Baroque.
Leccese stone and carp are the undisputed masters of the scene: finely decorated rosettes, palaces of historical interest, lanes and narrow streets of the suggestive old town.

This is the Salento for us, a land to discover and love.

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