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Grotta dei Cervi in Porto Badisco

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Not so far from Otranto, Grotta dei Cervi (Cave of the Deers) is located near Torre S. Emiliano, within a fenced area. This cave is very important because here, with great probability, there was one of the first human settlements in Salento during the Upper Palaeolithic era, 15,000 years ago.

Grotta dei Cervi: what you will find inside it

The cave and its walls enclose something very important from a historical point of view: rock paintings that represent and tell the life of our ancestors, what they did, what they hunted, the fauna of the time present on the territory.
Each stroke of painting represents centuries of history.
Grotta dei Cervi recall very much the Spanish caves of Palmire, the African ones of Azil (Ethiopia).

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