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Briatore in Otranto: problems with Twiga in Salento

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The Lecce Public Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the seizure of Flavio Briatore’s Twiga Otranto, sealing the site about one month after the opening of the bathing establishment.
We do not enter into legal matters (because justice will certainly do its course), nor do we enter into the merit of the building concession (accompanied by 11 favourable opinions) obtained from Cerra Srl, a company created by a consortium of Salento entrepreneurs who have purchased the license to use the Twiga brand directly from the hands of Flavio Briatore.
What we hear you said is simply this: we hope that this impasse will be resolved as soon as possible because Salento in recent times is becoming the land of missed opportunities from a tourist point of view.

We wish Briatore and Cerra Srl management that this stalemate will be resolved in the right way, because our land needs new entrepreneurial initiatives that stimulate tourism in Otranto and all of Salento.

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