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A return to the origins of a globetrotter chef: Otranto & Ivan Tronci

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A real return to the origins for our chef Ivan Tronci who, after 11 years, returns to his school, the IPSSEOA of Otranto (the State Professional Institute “Services for Enogastronomy and Hospitality”), during the annual meeting “Student Protagonism”, organized by the students, coordinated by Prof. Giulia Bello and supervised by Augusto Specchiarello, the director of the school.
A very dynamic meeting. After watching the chef’s videos and slide shows, students interacted with him, asking interesting questions about his profession, the difficulties he encountered during his brilliant career and what to do with his work in starred kitchens alongside a teacher like Heinz Beck.
Ivan Tronci was immediately available and focused his answers on words such as passion and love, sacrifice, humility, commitment, willingness and travel.
The starry cuisine imposes massacring work shifts. If you don’t have a passion for what you do, you can’t translate into love, ingredients, a recipe, a dish.
Sacrifice because the profession of the chef, at high levels, involves sacrifices in terms of time to devote to personal interests and hobbies.
Humility because being a chef means wanting to learn and learn new cooking techniques. Every day.
Commitment and willingness because those who want to undertake this activity are called upon to do their utmost and go beyond their limits. Anyone who wants to cook in a starry kitchen must necessarily transform their limits into strengths. To do this it takes commitment, study and passion for what you do. No one gives you anything.
Travel because you have to be curious, see the world, get to know new ingredients, discover new recipes and meet new cultures. Travelling, the cook can interiorize and adapt these novelties to his cooking style to create recipes and unique dishes.
The meeting for the chef was exciting, a real return to the origins because in Otranto, in that institute, Ivan Tronci began to know the world of cooking, respect for raw materials and acquired all the necessary input to become a young promise of Italian cuisine.

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