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The scent of the Salento sea: made by chef Ivan Tronci

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This sensational dish represents springtime and the awakening of nature with its colours, scents and flavours.
Although it requires a bit of effort for the different procedures to follow, the end result will certainly be tasty.
Make a bisque with Gallipoli’s red shrimp, browning a mirepoix of vegetables (a celery, carrot and onion beat), adding the heads of shrimp washed under cold running water.
After you have blended everything with cognac and white wine, you have to add fresh tomatoes and aromas. Infusion lavender: it will be used to flavour the base to be used to cook the pasta.
Before roasting the peppers, peppers must be peeled, the seeds and white parts removed and placed in oil.
In the meantime, take a pot and cook the pasta: half time in salted water and for the remaining part in the shrimp bisque.
At the end of cooking, the peas are added, the peppers (previously peeled and without seeds), the prawns, stirring everything with garlic oil, chopped parsley and spicy pepper.
Plant and serve with a toasted corn grain and edible flowers.


Red peppers
Yellow peppers
Date tomatoes
Toasted corn
Edible flowers
Means of transport
Red prawns
Ejecting pepper
Smoked maldon salt
White wine

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