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Smoked mackerel, apples, ginger and walnuts: Salento sea

by Dec 31, 2016Food, Ivan Tronci0 comments

Ivan Tronci has created this first course, to make you dream about the true flavours of the Salento sea.
The mackerel, prepared with love, will surely give you satisfaction and will touch the hearts of your guests because it is a fresh, genuine and rich flavorful dish.
The scent of fresh, freshly caught fish will give you unique aromas and sensations for your palate.


Marlene apple
Wild onion (better known here in Salento as “spunzale”)
Lemon blemishes


Let’s dissect and sift the mackerel, thorn it, and smoke it with the cones.
As a pairing, we will prepare a chopped ginger, onion and celery.
These three chopped ingredients will be cooked in a pan with a bay leaf.
We will assemble the marlene apple in brown and mint in julienne.
We will place the compot on the plate and then adjust the mackerel thread on it.
We will use walnuts, mint leaves and lemon zest to elegantly garnish our dish.

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