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Nature in tempura: Ivan Tronci cooked Otranto’s vegetables

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The explosion of nature and the flavours of Otranto are incorporated and embraced by cooking in tempura.
For this recipe have been assembled the “lampascioni” (green onion), the “spunzali” (spring onion) and the leaves of borage.
The chef has chosen two bulbs and a leaf to wrap and involve all the buds of taste: the raspberry with an intense and bitter taste, the sweet onion with a slight hint of acidity and the leaves of borage aromatic and tempting for the palate.
The very light batter was prepared by melting three different types of flour with a Salento craft beer.
This finger-food has been served with a sweet-and-sour sauce with chilli peppers.
The tasty, light fried food (it may seem strange but it’s light for real) reminds us of the Salento “Pittole”.


Borage leaves
Spring onions
Green onions
Rice flour
Cornmeal flour
Flour 00
Craft beer from Salento
Salt halls
Sunflower seed oil

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