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Tataki of swordfish with fennel, pomegranate and lime

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The taste of the sea, in this dish, is enhanced by swordfish. Fennel, pomegranate, mirin and hemp oil create an unicuum of flavours. The goodness of this dish is incredible. Follow the suggestions of Ivan Tronci and you will enjoy a truly unique dish.


A piece of swordfish with two and a half fingers thick
Chilli pepper
Lemon Drops
Chia seeds
Organic honey
Mirin (Japanese wine vinegar)
Hemp oil.

Preparation of accompanying ingredients

Cut the fennel into cubes and uniformly, pour it into the pan with a little chilli pepper, garlic and shirt. Blend with Mirin and add a touch of honey, lemon juice drops and julienne mint, chia seeds.

Tataki cooking of swordfish

The swordfish will be grilled in tataki cooking, i. e. you need to shoot the fish on one side and on the other side in an intense, violent manner for a very short time. in this way you will preserve its fragrance and taste.
After cooking, sprinkle it with the seeds.

Installation and presentation of the dish

Serve the swordfish together with a sauce made from a brownish of fennel, expel pepper, soybean, myrrin, honey, lemon drops and fresh chopped parsley.
Use it together with the sauce and garnish with fresh pomegranate grains and dill.


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