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Soft nougat, panettone foam and liquorice ice cream from Atri

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Last but not least the sweet…. and what sweet. The soft, delicate nougat, accompanied by a froth of gelato panettone with liquorice. Chef Ivan Tronci has created two variants of this masterpiece (which we have obviously tasted and told you): with ice cream and liquorice mousse.

Preparation of the soft nougat

Tighten the almonds to 90° in the oven. Prepare the Italian meringue at 121°, add the hot honey and the previously toasted almonds. Lay the mixture on sheets of host and leave the nougat to harden at room temperature.

Preparation of panettone foam

To prepare panettone foam, the following ingredients are needed: fresh milk, panettone and icing sugar.

Heat the milk to a temperature of 90° (not boiling).
Mix the panettone, previously cut into cubes, with the icing sugar.
You have to wait patiently for the panettone to soften.
Take a blender and mix the mixture with the proper calm.
Pass the compound into a strainer, carefully filter it and insert it into the siphon trap.

Ice cream or liquorice mousse of Atri: a crossroads that imposes a sweet choice

Ice cream or liquorice mousse of Atri: a crossroads that imposes a sweet choice
You have to decide this for yourself, depending on the kitchen utensils you have at home.
If you want to make an ice cream, equip yourself with an ice cream machine. Otherwise, you will prepare a mousse.

Ingredients for Ice Cream

Liquorice of Atri
Milk Powder
Locust bean flour
Fresh milk
Fresh cream
Casterated sugar.

Take the liquorice of Atri and let it dissolve in bain-maria in a pot.
You must combine all flour (dextrose, powdered milk and caster sugar) with fresh milk and fresh cream. Incorporate liquorice after milk and cream have reached a temperature of 82°.

Ingredients for liquorice mousse

Liquorice of Atria
Fresh cream
Glue of fish
Casterated sugar

Let the liquorice of Atri dissolve in the bath.
Bring the milk and cream to 70°, add the caster sugar, liquorice previously dissolved, one or two sheets of fish glue and a part of the fresh cream whipped separately.
The remaining part of whipped cream will be added at the end.
Leave the mixture to stand in the fridge and, when it is cold, add the other part of whipped cream at the time of stacking.


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