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Orecchiette and macaroni, Cicerchia chickpeas, mussels

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This is a full-bodied, substantial dish. Rich.
It recalls tradition, the link with our land, Salento, it recalls the flavour of the Adriatic sea, the real taste of the sea of Otranto.
A dish that is characterized by its simple, distinctive taste.
A versatile recipe that can fit into different types of menus: total veg, land and meat menus, sea menus.


Date mussels
Spicy pepper
Commuter tomato
White wine
Chopped parsley
Lemon peel
Vinegar flowers
Lemon blemishes
There are several steps to follow for the preparation.

Preparation of chickpeas

Take the precious chickpeas of Cicerchia left to soak for 24 hours.
Put them in a casserole with celery, carrot, onion, winter tomatoes, fennel, bay leaves and spicy pepper.
Bring the ensemble of flavours into cooking.

Preparazione delle cozze datterine

After cleaning the mussels, we will open them in a hot, boiling pan.
In another pan we will put a little EVO oil, a clove of garlic, a bay leaf and mussels. After incorporating them, we will waste them with white wine.
We will allow the alcohol to evaporate and add the fresh tomato in winter.

Meanwhile, cook the orecchiette and macaroni in boiling salted water.

Special advice

We recommend cooking the pasta halfway through cooking in boiling salted water and for the rest of the time, in the cooking water of the mussels.
While the cooking is going to be finished, let’s mix the pasta with a sprinkling of Roman pecorino cheese, evo oil and chopped parsley and lemon zest.

All you need to do is implant and taste.


Live Salento as it is your land: with locals, like locals! 

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