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The flavour of the land of Salento: made by chef Ivan Tronci

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This recipe contains the true taste of our land, Salento.
The wild boar essence is perfectly matched with balsamic onion, cocoa and cappuccino foam.
Just follow these simple procedures to get a unique dish with unmistakable flavors.
Soak the leg of wild boar for about 12 hours with red wine and smells such as myrtle, thyme, rosemary and laurel.
Cut the meat into small pieces, roast it in casserole saucepans with a little oil and add a mirepoix of vegetables (carrot, onion and celery).
In succession, blend the preparation in three steps (three times consecutive) with red wine, better if Primitivo. Once the alcohol will evaporate for the third time, cover with water and leave to cook for some time.
Use the bottom to cook the risotto: before you do it toast and gradually incorporate the boar bottom. Once the risotto has reached the end of cooking, you can add pecorino cheese and butter to make it.
At the time of the mise en place, you will be able to lay on the risotto the onion with balsamic vinegar, a cappuccino foam, cocoa powder and sweet and sour vegetables.


Carnaroles rice
Primitive Red Wine
Wild Boar Chimney
Red Onion
Orange peel
Cocoa Powder
Aged balsamic vinegar
Salt halls

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