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Charity Dinner Lions Lecce Tito Schipa

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Charity dinner “Amatriciana for areas hit by the earthquake” is the event organized by the Lions Club Lecce Tito Schipa, at the 4 Star Hotel Tesoretto, together with Ruggeri Associati – Interactive Branding Agency, Foodismo – Food & Turismo, Grafiche Aeffe, La Castellana Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva, Masseria Faraona, Mieravigliosa – Consulenza e Distribuzione Vini. The event, organized and planned with great care, was immediately sold out, with over 100 people on the waiting list and 90 participants in the event.


Chef Ambassador of the event was Ivan Tronci, 30 years old, Otrantino in his origins, citizen of the world by profession, right-hand man of Heinz Beck (who recently reconfirmed the “Three Michelin stars”) in the restaurant La Pergola Cavalieri Hilton Rome. 

Ivan Tronci, recently appointed by the web magazine Chef & Maitre “Young Ambassador of Italian Cuisine in the World”, together with his staff of 5 young chefs, has lent his work free of charge, feeling involved and emotionally linked to the people affected by the earthquake in Central Italy.

A brigade of young promises

We nominate you, one by one your staff, young promises of gourmet cuisine:
Federico Vinciguerra,Sous chef,
Gabriele Cecili, chef de partie,
Flavio Rutigliano, commis,
Alessandra Tailetti and Francesca Tronci, pastry chefs.

The menu

The menu presented by the brigade of Ivan Tronci has been centered, from the musical aperitif to the sweet, on “Scents of Amatrice”, as he likes to call them him.
We have tasted all the dishes and we can guarantee you that Ivan Tronci has a sure future in the starred kitchens, as the dishes that the chef has wanted to prepare are the result of liking at all diners.

Musical aperitif

An “explosive” potato croquette for delight and taste, served together with a flute of prosecco. 
The mixture of potato cream and potatoes cut into small pieces, made the inner texture in two textures. A cream of Amatriciana flavored with chives and lime, as an accompaniment, delighted the palate of our guests.
All this in an elegant finger-food.


The declination is an Amatriciana in five different textures: jelly, foam, air, creamy and mousse of Amatrice with different accompanying crispy.

Great Amatriciana broth with seafood

When the chef first offered this range during the telephone briefings, we realized that our imagination and imagination is really limited.
How can we combine the flavours of the land and the countryside with the sea? A seemingly impossible undertaking because, on the other hand, the dish presented during the dinner was a huge success.
The great broth comes from the union of seas and mountains because the cheeky pork and seafood, expertly balanced, have given a unique taste to this ensemble of ingredients.


Spaghettone has been prepared with a classic Amatriciana sauce.
The chef and his brigade proposed the true innovative touch, adding that magic touch to the garnish: crispy cheeky pork grain, black freeze-dried olives and parsley chips.
Spectacular dish!

Burned cream of Amatrice

Hints of Amatrice also for the sweet. Our Chef didn’t want to reveal how he recreated this really tasty sweet single portion.
He simply listed the different ingredients and jealously guarded their procedures. 
What can be said is that the dessert has contained in itself: pure liquorice d’ Atri, finely grated and star aniseed, to give the flavor “burnt”. The rest is history: khaki coulis, caramelized pumpkin, sandblasted hazelnut and dried raspberry, all ingredients that have given the dish a unique taste.

The crumpled menu on the table: redemption and reconstruction symbol

Those who didn’t have the good fortune to grab the entrance fees, lost a unique show, indescribable if not with the photographs and video of the event which, however, was very successful.
The Lecce Tito Schipa Lions Club was immediately receptive and open to this initiative, which was instrumental in raising the funds needed for reconstruction in the areas hit by the earthquake in Central Italy.
The menus, crumpled on the tables, showed that, from the rubble, it is possible to reconstruct if there is will, industriousness and passion.