Bros: it’s a family business

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The story that we are about to tell you has touched all the emotional strings of our heart because we talk about Lecce, we talk about Puglia, we talk about cultural and culinary contamination always respecting the territory, our land.

Bros: in the heart of Lecce, there’s a family business

When we talk about innovation in the kitchen, of a real culinary revolution in Salento, in Lecce to be precise, the first people who come to mind are the Bros: Floriano (27 years old) and Giovanni Pellegrino (22 years old); closes the frame of this beautiful painting, Isabella Potì (22 years old), Floriano’s companion. Having set out to discover the world with an empty suitcase, they returned to Salento, with a wealth of professional experience.

Floriano Pellegrino: the reason for the present

27 years old, he starts to discover the cuisine immediately after graduating from the hotel.
His most significant experiences are associated with great names in gourmet cuisine: Ilario Vinciguerra, Martin Berasategui (considered a father by Florian), Luis Andoni Aduriz, Eneko Atxa, Alexandher Goutier, Rene Redzepi and the French Cloude Bosi in London.

Giovanni Pellegrino: the strength of the future

At the age of 17 he left Salento and arrived at Martin Berasetegui. Driven by a strong desire to know the world, he collects a series of unique training experiences at the world’s best starred kitchens: Pierre Gagnaire, Paco Perez and Yamamoto.

Isabella Potì: the beauty of imagination

The only woman in the kitchen, able to keep up with a brigade of men only, responds with experience, method and meticulousness.
a real enchantment to see her at work.

Bros uniqueness: the real secret of Bros.

The futuristic and eclectic cuisine of the Bros. is deeply rooted in the territory, the territoire, as Floriano likes to call it.
Dish to taste with the eyes and the palate, recipes with two, maximum three ingredients from the land of Salento.
A unicum that follows the laws of Mother Nature: the seasonality of raw materials dictates the times in the kitchen.
You will never see a dish with an ingredient that does not respect the seasonality and microseasonality of the territory.
Everything is good, tasty, unique.
Prepare incredibly good dishes and amaze the most demanding palates with the simplicity and cleanliness of flavors, this is the Bros Uniqueness

Thanks to this modus operandi, the Bros have received national and international awards and honors.
Below is a non-exhaustive list of the most important prizes received in 2016.

1 cappello

Gambero Rosso

Passione Gourmet

Identità Golose, Guida 2017
Sorpresa dell’anno

I 10 migliori chef emergenti

Touring club
Cucina d’Autore

Touring club
Top di Domani, Floriano Pellegrino

Luigi Cremona
Chef Emergente Sud, Isabella Potì



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